What we offer.

We connect carriers, independent owners & operators to profitable loads. We will negotiate the best rates for the places that you would like to deliver loads, using a transparent process. After consulting with you, we will technologically connect both parties and submit required paper work (i.e. documents) to all involved stakeholders. Thereby, we free up your time to allow you to do what you do best while we take care of your logistical needs.

We ATWALTMANSLOGISTICS are not looking for short term clients, we are looking for long term partners because we know that success and growth is your top priority. Maximize your earning potential with our freight brokering and dispatching services.

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Helping your business build and grow.

ATWALTMANSLOGISTICS is a customer-centric logistics company that handles all negotiations involved with delivering or acquiring freight so that medium and small carriers can compete with larger fleets. Typically, a larger carrier would hire large firms to handle all of these tasks, but it is unaffordable for a smaller carrier, that’s where ATWALTMANSLOGISTICS comes in to help! Our process is simple, your dedicated freight dispatcher will work with you using your rules. We develop the best lanes that suit your desired schedule, whether you want to be home every night, every other night, or once every 2 weeks, our freight dispatchers work with you to develop a lane that will achieve your target goals.

We require NO contracts. We know that it is difficult to make money and that is why we charge a transparent, reasonable fee or Percentage Fee for any load we find. We offer comparable fees in the industry. Other dispatchers and brokers charge much higher fees and do not care about the services they offer, but we know if you succeed, we succeed by winning your trust because of our integrity is what guides our principles.

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Our services

Our experienced truck dispatchers establish direct connections with brokers so you can do what you enjoy, which is focusing on the business of transporting.

Dispatching Services

For independent owners and operators with their own authority, we offer dispatch services. We use a 1:5 dispatcher to carrier ratio.

Strategic Negotiation

Based on our experience, we have to make many technological maneuvers to negotiate with brokers before booking a well-suitable and profitable freight, which requires constant monitoring.

E-Document management

Our carrier onboarding is a paperless process. No need to worry about manual signatures or printing documents. Our TMS system works with your cell/smart phone. 

Pre-planning Method

We place emphasis on using a pre-planning method where we take caution to ensure that you have loads coming & going, when possible.


 We employ an ASQ certified Quality Auditor who is a Six Sigma Black Belt who can help provide you with a tailored multi-service solution that incorporates the proper balance of compliance & risk management.

Market Research

We utilize technological and data driven market research approaches to ensure that you are provided with the best paying loads so that you remain on the road with minimal downtime. 

why choose us

Our dedicated and ethical-driven Brokers and Dispatchers are customer-centric and dedicated to serving you.

personal approach

Our process is simple, we work by your rules to achieve your end goals.

continous improvement

We are aware that the trucking industry continues to change, therefore we pride ourselves on staying informed to implement these changes.

targeting & position

We make every effort to target the loads that are the most suitable & profitable.

operational excellence

We recognize that no two drivers are alike. Therefore we use tools to tailor our approaches to meet your specific needs.

customer insights

We recognize that collaboration is essential, and we work at your request and therefore nothing is approved until you give the final authority.


We use the latest technology for negotiating and scheduling loads.

Loads Booked
Compliance Consultants

Our support for charities

A percentage of net proceeds will be used for charitable causes. This includes our support for Just In Time Inc, a charity that provides educational and financial resources for teenagers aging out of foster care.